A Research Report for Trans Communities and their Allies

Trans communities are in the headlines. Everybody has an opinion on ‘what transsexuality is’. But how do trans people themselves describe being trans? This community based study examined this question.
The findings of the study include that the diversity and complexity of people’s experience by far exceeds what is commonly acknowledged. Physical embodiment and social acceptance are important to trans people, but the most unifying themes are self-finding, self-realization and spirituality.
Experiences described cover a wide range. The experiences described by participants in fact are so diverse that at times these become mutually exclusive. This suggests that any simplistic ‘one fits all’ explanation will be oppressive to at least some trans people.
In a sad twist, the research finds that trans people who challenge the clinical model of transsexuality the most, are also the ones who most likely will not participate in clinical research - thus guaranteeing that much of the diversity within communities remains hidden - except to community based research like the one at hand


©2013, Eva C. Moser, 160 pages, ISBN: 978-1-300-27860-3

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