mental or not?

the lighter side of
being transsexual

I believe


- that the freedom of expression does apply to everybody and that this includes an absolute right to express oneself through one's body in any way a person chooses to.

- that neither self-perception nor self-experience nor self-expression are medical conditions but that these are basic human rights.

- that nobody has the right to control, alter, limit, grant or deny a specific self-perception or self-experience of another person unless this person specifically and freely asks for this.

- that nobody has the right to control, alter, limit, grant or deny a specific self-expression of another person unless so directed by a court of law after due process or in a clear emergency as a very short-term measure.

- that maintaining both a normal self-perception and self-experience are human rights and that therefore no medical practitioner has the right to withhold, limit, mandate or prescribe it. For this reason free access to the means of achieving this (i.e. hormonal treatment) needs to be given to people once the need for this has been established, as a human right without any conditions whatsoever, at their own sole discretion.

- that medical/mental-health practitioners do not have the right to enforce social standards (i.e. withholding of services, non-consensual aesthetic procedures, forced mental treatment without a court-order,... to enforce social, sexual or other behaviour of their preference). If they do so anyway it is my opinion that they commit a crime.





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the lighter side of
trans treatment

Transsexuals don't need to be told who they are.
We need to be allowed to live who we are!


In transgender- and intersex-care the motto should be:
Medical advice is welcome. Medical dictatorship is not!